Bangalore Retreat 2019: Seeing and Reading from Different Perspectives

One of the key objectives of PEAK is to ‘grow’ a global cohort of postdoctoral scholars, collaborating over three years and five countries, equipped to develop new ways of research on the city and new ways of working with cities. In the furtherance of this objective, we held our first annual retreat in Bangalore, India. Holding retreats at different partner locations in rotation offers a unique opportunity to get to know a different city and its challenges… READ MORE

Bangalore through the eyes of an earth scientist

Bangalore for a first time visitor is impressive. The things that have struck me most were the diversity of people and cultures, the presence of big trees everywhere and the many lakes around the city. From an Earth Sciences perspective, I see the city as a place with a high human population concentration, huge resources consumption and where most conflicts between man and nature happens… READ MORE

Bangalore through the eyes of a mathematician

It is impossible to visit Bangalore for the first time and not be surprised by many of its urban aspects; from its noise and pollution to its ingenious ways of moving thousands of people through auto rickshaws; from its densely packed streets to its large parks and green areas; from its lack of drinking water and its foaming and burning lake to its growing network of metro stations… READ MORE