Amruth Kiran


Amruth graduated from the Indian Institute for Remote Sensing (Indian Space Research Organization) – Dehradun, with a Master’s degree in Remote Sensing and GIS. He studied at the Geoinformatics division where he worked for the IBIN (Indian Bioresource Information Network) project, under the Department of Biotechnology. The project involved the prediction of species distribution in Uttarakhand using the concept of Datacubes and Big Data.

He also previously worked with the Transdisciplinary University (TDU) – Bengaluru, for the development of a mobile application to explore the use of GIS for rural development under Primary Healthcare, as a part of his dissertation for a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Software and Web-Development, Spatial and Non-Spatial Databases, Computing Networks, Performance and Security metrics of computers, Big Data and Information Theory are a few of his research interests.