ICSD 2022 : Translational Knowledge to Shape Sustainable Urban Futures

New York (all times in Eastern Time Zone)
Date range
19 September 2022 - 20 September 2022
23:00 - 00:01

With the increasing proportion of the globe being urbanised, the city is seen as a site in which the futures of economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainability will be challenged, realised or possibly failed.

SDG 11 committed national governments to ‘Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable’. This goal is of major significance. By including a commitment focused on cities within a nationally-determined agenda, countries recognised both the importance of a place-based approach to development and the unique nature of the challenges facing urban communities of all shapes and sizes.  In this context the emergence of transdisciplinary urban sciences raises both promises about the potential to know the city better and longstanding challenges about how best to translate such knowledge into practice.

In this plenary we will consider three such challenges and opportunities:

  • The core challenge of translating translational research and the opportunity of new urban sciences.
  • The core challenge of a global urban agenda and the opportunity of international collaborations linking global science to global institutions.
  • The challenge of practice on the ground in and within cities and the opportunity of linking research to practice and 'shaping urban futures'.


  • Professor Michael Keith, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
  • Professor Sue Parnell, University of Bristol / University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Professor Pengjun Zhao, Peking University, China and Chief Editor, Cities
  • Professor Juan Carlos Duque, Director RISE, EAFIT University, Colombia 


  • Aromar Revi, Director Indian Institute for Human Settlements, India & Co-Chair, SDSN 


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