South African Country Synthesis Report

Local Evidence
Africa's Urban Boom: Harnessing the Potential

With the right development approaches, African cities can become hubs that relieve poverty and drive regional growth. 

PEAK Urban investigates the proactive policies and interventions that can produce efficient, productive, inclusive and sustainable futures.


Reform planning philosophies to guide and coordinate, and embrace informality.

Policymakers can best achieve sustainable, equitable cities by replacing urban planning philosophies of rigid regulation and top-down control with flexible guidance and participatory coordination.

Govern across sectors and levels to address urban complexity


Acknowledge and support urban residents' role in shaping cities

Urban policy should foster an active civil society to help shape policy and hold the state accountable, embracing citizens' valuable knowledge on adapting to and managing urban challenges. Stakeholders must think creatively about how to bring urban residents and civil society groups into the discussion with other urban governance actors, and work hard to foster persistent engagement with a city's people.

Provide multi-stakeholder forums to manage contradictions


Promote cross-sectoral knowledge exchange and solutions

Establish frameworks to implement global policies at local level

Use the PEAK framework to investigate complex urban issues

South Africa Country Synthesis Report
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