PEAK Urban researchers working in groups

Internal call for proposals for PEAK Urban Working Groups


We are delighted to announce the second call for proposals for PEAK Urban Working Groups. These thematic groups will serve to facilitate interaction and discussion amongst PEAK Urban researchers with overlapping research interests.

This call is only open to current PEAK Urban researchers.

All proposals should include a draft schedule of activities (roughly one per month) for a twelve month period starting mid May 2020. Activities could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Online reading groups, technical workshops, seminars, etc.  
  • Mini-symposium/session or panel sessions at international conferences
  • Activity sessions at PEAK Urban retreats/meetings 
  • In person meetings alongside PEAK Urban retreats, international conferences, etc.
  • Journal special issues / collective publications 

In particular, each working group will be expected to:

  • Provide periodic updates on working group activities and plans at online workshops (dates tbd).
  • Organise an activity session for the third PEAK Urban retreat (date and venue tbd).

Working groups will be led by one or more PEAK Urban researchers at any career stage. We particularly encourage joint applications by researchers from multiple international partners and/or multiple disciplines. Although not required, proposals may include a tentative list of prospective members from across the PEAK Urban cohort (please indicate if an individual has expressed interest in joining).

A limited amount of funding will be available for select working groups - up to a maximum of £1,000 GBP per year. This is intended to fund activities not already funded under current PEAK partner funds. If you would like to apply for funding please also include a detailed budget and description/evidence of potential impact of funded activity.

Working groups will initially run for a twelve month period from mid May 2020. After this time all working groups will be asked to submit a short review of activities undertaken.

If you would like to discuss ideas in advance of submitting your proposal, please contact Neave O'Clery at

The deadline for proposals is 8 May 2020. Proposals should be sent to, and Successful applicants will be informed by 18 May 2020.