Hao Xi

Research assistant

Hao Xi is now working as a research assistant in Center for Urban Future Research, Peking University, in charge of communication and publicity for PEAK team in Peking.

His research interests focus on the analysis and application of urban big data, as well as the combination of machine learning and public policy in urban areas. He graduated from New York University's Center for Urban Science + Progress (CUSP), and co-developed a web resource to show "The Map of Gentrification and Displacement in The Greater New York Area" in collaboration with the Urban Displacement Project and Local Initiatives Support Corporation. (link: http://www.udpny.org/team) He is now participating in the data analysis and model work of the project Housing Security System and Affordable Housing in China, and the case study of the project  Comprehensive Improvement Modes and Influencing Mechanism of Urban Villages in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.