Jiajie Liu

Research assistant

Jiajie Liu is a PhD candidate at Peking University. He began his doctoral study at The College of Urban and Environmental Sciences in September 2019, under the guidance of Professor Guangzhong Cao.  

His undergraduate major is in human geography and urban planning.

Previous to his doctoral study, he participated in research on population and new urbanization of Jinan city's urban development planning strategy, and before that on population planning of Changping district, Beijing. He has also participated in a social practice survey on boundary space, taking Guijie in Beijing as an example, and has also researched the traits of historical and cultural cities taking Qingzhou in Shandong province as an example.

His research interests are in population migration and urbanization, particularly the impact of amenities on population migration. He is also involved in a study on the estimated numbers of people who have settled down in prefecture-level cities under China's household registration system.