Pianpian Zheng

Research assistant

Pianpian received her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from North China Electric Power University in 2017. Then, she received her master's degree in Social Work from Peking University in 2019. Currently, she is about to study for a doctorate in Demography at Peking University.

Her research interests include elderly health, long-term care, social support, etc. Her recent research is on the effect of social support on the mental health of the disabled elderly. Past research topics include the occupancy rate of nursing homes, assessment instruments for elderly long-term care, elderly social participation, etc. While studying for her MA she published five papers and won a May 4th scholarship and merit student honor from Peking University.

In addition, she is a research assistant on the 'Beijing Targeted Poverty Alleviation Program', where she has trained hundreds of investigators and coordinated with government and social organizations. Based on this data, she analyzed the living conditions of elderly in trouble, including their health, economics, related social welfare.