Sooraj Raveendran


Sooraj Raveendran is part of the Urban Informatics Lab at IIHS. His work focuses on the application of data science processes on urban data to develop a comprehensive understanding of urban transformation in India. This includes setting up data management systems and using appropriate techniques from computer science, statistics and machine learning to distill information from often scattered and partial data.

Previously, Sooraj applied statistical modelling and machine learning on business analytics and marketing problems. He was involved in developing prescriptive analytics for business decision making and also building and deploying a large-scale content recommendation system for a major video delivery platform. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer science. 

Sooraj completed a graduate certificate in data science from Harvard Extension School, and is currently pursuing a Master's in statistics with a focus on biostatistics and epidemiology. He has a broad interest in statistics and machine learning, and particularly in Bayesian models, causal inference, and in approaches to integrate information from diverse sources of data in a principled way.