Bangalore Retreat 2019: Seeing and Reading from Different Perspectives


One of the key objectives of PEAK is to 'grow' a global cohort of postdoctoral scholars, collaborating over three years and five countries, equipped to develop new ways of research on the city and new ways of working with cities.

In the furtherance of this objective, the programme is hosting three annual retreats with the aim of:

  1. Affirming and consolidating the PEAK framework (synthesising traditional urban studies disciplines with emergent new urban sciences in a programme of research and capacity building across the humanities, social, sciences and natural sciences)
  2. Building research collaborations across partner institutions and disciplines around key PEAK thematics (e.g. migration, governance, health etc)
  3. Seeing the city through field-based learning around city specific themes
Carlos Cadena-Gaitán
Rosaleen Cunningham
Neha Sami