Built environment and mortality risk from cardiovascular disease and diabetes in Medellín, Colombia: An ecological study

Journal article

In this study, we examine the relationship between the built environment and cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus in Medellin, Colombia.

We use quantitative data related to the city’s administrative neighborhoods and linear econometric models while controlling for spatial effects and investigating possible curvilinear relationships. This study contributes to the existing body of knowledge by employing multiple built environment measures and using more objective health outcomes, rather than self-report measures or health risk factors typically used in previous studies conducted in Latin America.

Findings will guide and inform the implementation of urban design and planning strategies aimed at improving population health by reducing cardiovascular and diabetes mortality risk in Colombian cities and beyond.


Jorge Eduardo Patiño Quinchía
Andy Hong
Juan Carlos Duque
Kazem Rahimi
Silvana Zapata, Verónica M.Lopera
Volume 13, September 2021
Sustainable Cities
Health and Wellbeing