The modern comprehensive transportation system adapted to the population development strategy in China


People are the foundation of transportation, and meeting people's living needs is
the most basic goal of transportation.

The construction of modern transportation system should first adapt to population growth, development and changes. In recent years, there have been new trends in China’s population growth, structural changes and spatial distribution, which have brought new challenges to the comprehensive transport construction and also brought new opportunities to the modernization of the transport system.

It is of great practical significance to strengthen the coordinated development of population development and transportation system, and to build a modern comprehensive transportation system that adapts to population development strategy.

The objectives of this policy report (published in Chinese) are: to basically build a safe, efficient, sustainable and more satisfactory modern comprehensive transportation system in China by 2025, and to take the lead in some regions and areas in realizing modern and intelligent transportation. Based on the analysis and evaluation of the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of China’s population and transportation development, the future population growth and transportation facility construction demand in China are forecasted. It also discusses the new demands of China’s transportation system under the new trends of population mobility, urban agglomeration development, population aging, rural population development, and population lifestyle change.

The policy report proposes to implement the “Diamond strategy” of comprehensive transportation system and optimize the “ten vertical and ten horizontal transportation network” pattern in China. At the same time, comprehensive transportation and population zoning is implemented to build a modern transportation system centered on the people.

Pengjun Zhao
Sustainable Cities