Space, People and Place


"In today’s episode we take a deep dive into the premise of transport planning: the trip generators and attractors, households, commerce and industry. We can not help but reflect on the multidisciplinary nature required to confront, develop and reform informal housing to human settlements. This sentiment is continental. In some areas more acute than others. Our guest today, Nobukhosi Ngwenya, takes us through these complexities, for us novices in this housing to human settlements trajectory."

In a conversation with host Ofentse, Nobukhosi unpacks the historical socio-spatial dynamics that inform where people live in the city. In particular, this nuanced conversation unpacks the complexities of land use management in South African cities as it relates to the location of housing - both formal and informal (self-built) - and the consequences thereof on transport planning. Nobukhosi discusses the origins of the housing crisis, how apartheid era polcies of separate development along racial lines exacerbated this crisis and how both government and citizens have responded to this crisis in the present day.

Nobukhosi Ngwenya
City Governance
Informal Cities