Towards Urban Sustainability in Latin America



Lessons from research in Colombia and Latin America, with implications for global policy and practice.

Join us for the launch of our Colombian Country Synthesis Report

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Date range
23 February 2023 - 23 February 2023
12:00 - 13:30

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Speakers: Dr. Juan C. Duque & Dr. Juan Pablo Orjuela 

Moderator: Dr. Tim Schwanen 

The PEAK Urban programme has produced and explored ground-breaking research on the greatest issues facing the contemporary city, led by five world-renowned academic institutions. Our Latin America projects present valuable insights about the relationships that cities in this region have with themes ranging from accessibility, healthy living, forced displacement and migration, governance and power relations. Research in cities from Medellin to Itagüí offers key insights to understanding and managing development not only in Latin America, but in Asia and Africa as well.

The panelists present PEAK Urban's Colombian country report and contextualise key findings by discussing some of the broader changes in Colombian cities, and drawing out implications for the realisation of multiple Sustainable Development Goals, in particular 11 (cities), 10 (inequalities) and 5 (gender).