Juan Pablo Orjuela


Juan Pablo joined the Transport Studies Unit in May 2019 as a research associate in urban mobility working on the PEAK Urban programme.

His research is focused on how transport alternatives provide different accessibility levels to health services and healthy lifestyles in Medellin, Colombia. Although accessibility to employment and education has been used by many authors as a measure of transport equity in urban settings, access to health services plays a major role in people’s wellbeing and yet is not typically studied. Furthermore, transport choices will also affect people’s health depending on, for example, typical air pollution exposures experienced by users.  

Using a combination of co-production methods, Juan Pablo is building a team of co-researchers and policy makers to identify how to apply a methodology to evaluate transport infrastructure effects on access to healthcare in mothers of leading family households. The team will be using participatory mapping using soft GIS methodologies to develop accessibility models as well as incorporating low-cost monitors to assess changes in air pollution exposures while in transport.

Juan Pablo finished his PhD in environmental research at Imperial College London in 2018 where he focused on developing methodologies to assess air pollution exposure levels. He has worked in environmental evaluations for various transport projects in Latin America as an expert in the Clean Air Institute in Washington D.C. and as a research assistant both at Imperial and at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogota.

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