Amir Bazaz

Research lead

Amir has a Doctorate in Management from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, with a specialisation in Public Systems. His current research interests are low-carbon societies/infrastructure, climate change mitigation and adaptation, with specific focus on urban-climate change linkages and climate, energy and environment policy.
As part of PEAK Urban, Amir is examining prospects for sustainable energy transitions at a city scale, using Bangalore as a case. While mathematical assessments underlie energy pathways assessment, Amir has been interrogating key energy consumption profiles particularly in the context of informality, technology, enterprise, innovation, institutions/governance and regulation.

Amir is a part of several practice-based engagements at IIHS, notably on ‘Energy Innovation’ (a project led by University of Cambridge, in collaboration with University of Cape Town), ‘Sustainability of Ecosystem Services’ (in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy India and Keystone Foundation) and ‘Migration-Climate Resilience Dynamics for Indian Cities’ (supported by the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation).

Amir describes his PEAK Urban research