Energy transition pathways amongst low-income urban households: A mixed method clustering approach

Journal article

Studies on clean energy transition amongst low-income urban households in the Global South use an array of qualitative and quantitative methods. However, attempts to combine qualitative and quantitative methods are rare and there are a lack of systematic approaches to this.

This paper demonstrates a two stage approach using clustering methods to analyse a mixed dataset containing quantitative household survey data and qualitative interview data. By clustering the quantitative and qualitative data separately, latent groups with common characteristics and narratives arising from each of the two analyses are identified. A second stage of clustering identifies links between these qualitative and quantitative clusters and enables inference of energy transition pathways followed by low-income urban households defined by both quantitative characteristics and qualitative narratives. This approach can support interdisciplinary collaboration in energy research, providing a systematic approach to comparing and identifying links between quantitative and qualitative findings.

Rishika Rangarajan
Amir Bazaz
André Paul Neto-Bradley
Ruchi Choudhary
Volume 8, 2021
Sustainable Cities