Future cities - new economy and shared city prosperity driven by technological innovations


This publication, launched at the World Urban Forum in February 2020, delivers an interdisciplinary approach from professionals and scholars working in government, the United Nations, academia, scientific research, and private sector.

The purpose of this publication is

- to raise awareness on new technological innovations and how these changes affect urban infrastructure and the quality of living of urban dwellers;

- to enhance collective knowledge on different user cases of new technologies in cities and the potential benefits and risks; and

- to call for collaboration and collective actions from all cities to smartly use and govern new tech solutions for a safer, more inclusive, and more prosperous urban environment.

Principal authors: Michael Keith, Jian Gao, Tao Zhou, Quanhui Liu, Hui Zeng, Mingxiao Zhao, Baolin Cao, Gerhard Schmitt, Jaideep Gupte, Saiful Ridwan, Harrison Simotwo, Pietro Visetti, Keli Zhu, Hongshan Zhang, Shudong Cui, Yifan Li, He Jia, George Economides, Zhiyong Fu, Peter Scupelli, Jiajun Xu, Xinyue Wu, Haishan Wu, Lei Yin, Shantian Cheng, Deyi Wu, and Bingnan Yin.

Michael Keith
Sustainable Cities
Sustainable Growth